Youth Upliftment Foundation

The Youth Upliftment Foundation(ULF) is a Non-Profit Organization on the platform of empowering the well-being of youths at its core, through social intervention that is dedicated to contribute to the family, communities and nation with continued growth and development by helping the society towards betterment.

1.To provide enrichment opportunities through edutaiment.

2. To encourage youth development of talents and skills building so as to eliminate risky behaviours among youths, whilst helping them to develop their full potential.

3. To educate youths to think constructively and creatively, whilst promoting positive social interaction to bring about change in attitudes and behaviours among self and others.

4. To promote social development and youth empowerment as well as to facilitate personal growth and change.

5. To be proactive mentors whilst engaging youths into life-oriented choices and social responsibilities.

6. To promote spiritual upliftment in an effort to preserve cultural identity, sense of self, individualism and personal development.

7. To help youths to identify their weaknesses and identify their full potential and see themselves as nation builders.

8. To provide a framework that is aimed at combating some of the social issues and reshaping some of the dramatic forces inflicted upon youths on a regular basis.

9. To maintain social solidarity and solution-oriented support among youths in the communities and in the schools.

10. To create a framework to advocate for the effective delivery of voluntary services to youths at the highest professional level in a legal and ethical manner.