Lutan Fyah starts Youth Upliftment Foundation

Singer Lutan Fyah, born Anthony Martin, has started a Youth Upliftment Foundation (YUF) which he hopes can socially re-engineer the negative attitudes and behaviours of young at-risk children.

This follows the increasing levels of gang violence plaguing inner city communities and the rash of sexual violence against young women and minors in the society.

YUF is a non-profit organization which is charged with empowering the well-being of youth through social intervention.

“I want to provide enrichment opportunities through edutainment. We have to encourage youth development of talents and skills building so as to eliminate risky behaviours among youths, whilst helping them to develop their full potential. Too many of our talented youngsters are lost to gangs, or make poor life choices that haunt them for the rest of their lives.”

He adds that he intends to use the ‘Save the Juveniles’ outreach and mentoring arm of the organization to re-engineer the mindset and thinking of young at-risk children who are often the perpetrators and victims of violent gun crime.

Other objectives of the organization include assisting youths to identify their weaknesses and identify their full potential and see themselves as nation builders

He says “At the moment, I am chairman, president, vice president, general secretary and a financial controller, I am going to need a body of people to help me meet with these objectives.”.